ew drug development produces a large volume of samples in different biological matrices requiring accurate and quick analysis.  With an increasing number of potential molecular targets identified through the science of functional proteomics and genomics, diverse libraries of new chemical entities have been generated and evaluated in a high-throughput fashion for new drug development.  Large amounts of samples generated from clinical trials along with ambitious development timelines also warrant the use of high throughput bioanalysis.  Given the significant volume of samples generated in the research and development programs, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries have routinely outsourced their bioanalysis and related studies to bioanalytical Contract Research Organization (CRO) to reduce cost and improve efficiency.  


Alliance Pharma, Inc., is a bioanalytical Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing research services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, research institutions and government agencies.  Alliance Pharma specializes in supporting early stage drug discovery, pre-clinical studies, and clinical trial sample analysis for these organizations around the world.  Our dedicated and knowledgeable scientists are well-trained in GLP and GCP regulations and have provided data of the highest quality to our clients.  The team uses state-of-the-art instruments, such as AB Sciex and Thermo Scientific LC-MS/MS, Shimadzu UHPLC, HPLC, and Hamilton Microlab Star to complete projects with the highest data quality. 

Alliance Pharma’s Bioanalytical Department has been supporting client projects in the areas of bioanalytical method development and validation, sample analysis, reporting, and submission since the company's inception.  The combination of quality members and sophisticated instrumentation enables our team to effectively carry out LC-MS/MS based bioanalytical method development and validation.  Over the years, we have worked on hundreds of bioanalytical methods, tens of thousands of samples, for projects from early stage discovery to late stage clinical trials.  Our ability to deliver high quality data in a timely and cost-effective manner has earned us an excellent reputation with our clients and other bioanalytical CROs, especially with difficult assays and challenging bioanalytical methods.

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