arly metabolic evaluation has become pivotal for new drug discovery and lead optimization. Alliance Pharma’s staff has decades of experience enabling us to provide complete in vitro and in vivo metabolism data packages for new chemical entities (NCEs), as well as older products requiring updated information. Our laboratories consist of state-of-the-art instrumentation and our scientists use the best methodology to provide an ADME package that can accelerate drug discovery and optimization time, thereby conserving resources for future clinical development. Our expertise in the field of drug metabolism allows us to provide optimal results to our clients in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Drug Metabolism ServicesDrug Metabolism Services

  • Metabolic Stability (intrinsic clearance)
  • Direct and Mechanism-Based Inhibition
  • CYP Induction
  • Reaction Phenotyping
  • Drug – drug interactions between small molecules and biologics
  • MDCK/MDCK-MDR1 Cell Permeability
  • Protein Binding in Plasma/Whole Blood
  • Metabolite Profiling, Isolation, Purification and Identification
  • Predictive Routes of Metabolism and Potential Toxicity
  • In Vitro species comparisons for appropriate pre-clinical animal model selection
  • Able to handle both controlled substances (schedule 1 to 5) and radioactive materials


Technology Platforms

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