he ADME properties of drugs (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, and Excretion) impact drug efficacy and toxicity, and can also lead to unexpected drug-drug interactions if not properly characterized. A comprehensive in vitro drug metabolism evaluation is essential for new drug discovery and development. Alliance Pharma drug metabolism experts are able to provide In Vitro data packages for early or late stage discovery and development, as well as to support IND/NDA regulatory filings.

The Drug Metabolism team at Alliance Pharma can help to accelerate drug discovery and development timelines with a complete ADME assay package using our state-of-the-art technologies, high quality data, and strategic study design in a cost-effective and timely manner.


Drug Metabolism ServicesDrug Metabolism Services

  • Metabolic Stability (intrinsic clearance)
        - Microsomal Stability
        - Hepatocyte Stability
        - S9 Stability
        - Plasma Stability
        - Blood Stability
        - rCYP, rUGT, rCES Stability
        - Customized Matrix Stability
  • Solubility studies and screening
  • Reversible CYP Inhibition
  • Mechanism-Based CYP Inhibition
  • CYP Induction (mRNA and/or enzyme activity)
  • Non-CYP/UGT enzymes, such as MAO, AO, etc.
  • Drug – drug interactions between small molecules and biologics
  • Caco-2 and MDCK/MDCK-MDR1 Cell Permeability
  • Efflux Transporter Substrate/Inhibition Assessment in Caco-2 or MDCK Cells (P-gp/BCRP)
  • Uptake Transporter Substrate/Inhibition Assessment in Transiently Transfected HEK293 Cell Lines (OATP1B1/OATP1B3/OAT1/OAT3/OCT1/OCT2/MATE1/MATE2k/BSEP)
  • Single Transporter Assessment in Vesicles
  • Protein Binding in Plasma, Whole Blood, and Tissues using equilibrium dialysis, ultracentrifugation, and ultrafiltration
  • Reaction Phenotying using recombinant enzymes or microsomes
  • Metabolite Profiling and Identification
  • Predictive Routes of Metabolism and Potential Toxicity

Technology Platforms

  • In Vitro Enzyme Systems
  • Cell Based Assays
  • KingFisher Automation System
  • Hamilton Automation
  • LC-MS/MS Technology
  • rtPCR

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