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Ping Pong Madness + VIDEO

Mar 31, 2017 1:15:49 PM / by Jeannette Bezinque

In March, thirty-two Alliance Pharma employees competed in the First Annual Ping Pong Madness Championship. The games commenced at a neck-breaking pace of back and forth and culminated with a title upset that only two bracket participants predicted. Fierce competition, a pizza party, and a pep rally made the experience a WIN for all employees, even though only one person took home the title of PING PONG MADNESS CHAMPION

Congratulations Yong! 2017 Ping Pong Madness Champion

 Ping pong madness champion Yong Lin








Here's a two minute clip from the match. Watch Yong's killer spike as early as 9 seconds into the video! Dr. Lin also attributes his excellent pipetting skills to his ping pong talent.  



Our spirit team really pumped up the crowd. Here's a video of the cheer that brought everyone to... cheers:


 You can listen to the Ping Pong Madness playlist on Spotify. 







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Jeannette Bezinque

Written by Jeannette Bezinque