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Ping Pong Madness + VIDEO

Mar 31, 2017 1:15:49 PM / by Jeannette Bezinque posted in Ping Pong, Employee engagement

In March, thirty-two Alliance Pharma employees competed in the First Annual Ping Pong Madness Championship. The games commenced at a neck-breaking pace of back and forth and culminated with a title upset that only two bracket participants predicted. Fierce competition, a pizza party, and a pep rally made the experience a WIN for all employees, even though only one person took home the title of PING PONG MADNESS CHAMPION

Congratulations Yong! 2017 Ping Pong Madness Champion

 Ping pong madness champion Yong Lin








Here's a two minute clip from the match. Watch Yong's killer spike as early as 9 seconds into the video! Dr. Lin also attributes his excellent pipetting skills to his ping pong talent.  



Our spirit team really pumped up the crowd. Here's a video of the cheer that brought everyone to... cheers:


 You can listen to the Ping Pong Madness playlist on Spotify. 







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Bioanalytical Jobs for New Graduates

Feb 24, 2017 11:56:06 AM / by Jeannette Bezinque posted in bioanalytical

As we approach graduation season, many college seniors are beginning their bioanalytical job search on campus, online, and by networking. Entry-level jobs offered at Alliance Pharma are suitable for students with a Bachelor's or higher in the sciences such as Chemistry, Biochemistry, or Biology. New scientists thrive in this environment, where they have direct access to Ph.D. level mentors in their day-to-day lab operations. Our company also has several career paths with two stages for Analysts and two stages for Scientists and opportunities for advancement. 

bioanalytical jobs career path

Reasons to apply for bioanalytical jobs at Alliance Pharma:

  • Rapid Growth - Dr. Feng Li, President, is a two-time winner of the Smart CEO Future50 award
  • Career Support - Working in a small pharmaceutical company setting gives novice researchers access to more complex and challenging assignments.
  • Mentorship - Alliance Pharma prides itself on the ability to hire young talent and nurture them through the initial stages of lab work. 


In the video below, Kale Drost (Ursinus '15) and Anna Fiorella (Ursinus '16) share their post-college career experience. They offer anecdotes of working in the bioanalytical laboratory and demonstrate a few scientific study processes. Be sure to listen as to what you can expect in the real world in the words of two Alliance Pharma employees. 

“Enjoy the time you have left in school because you will miss it.” -Anna


Here are 5 tips to make a GREAT Impression with your job resume

  1. Check for typos or misspellings.
  2. Include any relevant volunteer work and honors.
  3. Use the keywords scientific researchers seek in new hires- LC-MS/MS, mass spectrometry, sample extraction, instrument maintenance, etc.
  4. Don't over-exaggerate your lab experience.
  5. Keep it to one page, especially if you are an entry-level candidate with a Bachelor's degree.


Get to know Alliance by following our LinkedIn page for career postings and frequent updates. We also post job openings directly on our site. 

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Alliance Pharma Earns SmartCEO Future 50 Recognition

Jan 30, 2017 11:44:20 AM / by Jeannette Bezinque posted in smartceo future50

For a second year in a row, Alliance Pharma was honored as one of Philadelphia Region’s Future 50 award winners by SmartCEO magazine.  The program recognizes the region’s fastest growing, midsized companies based on a 3-year average of employee and revenue growth.  This year’s Future 50 winners collectively generate nearly $4.84 billion in annual revenue and employ 25,272 individuals in the Greater Philadelphia area.  Frank Li, PhD, President of Alliance Pharma, attributes his repeat success with putting clients first, understanding their goals, and delivering the service they expect.

smart ceo.jpg

Pictured: Frank Li (center), with Jeannette Bezinque and Tom Kohl. Photo by: David Michael Howarth Photography

"We put our clients first and strive to build a trusted partnership by offering top-quality service, competitive pricing, and quick turnaround time. We also strive to maintain the highest standards of professional ethics, scientific excellence, and regulatory compliance." - Frank Li, President, Alliance Pharma

In the magazine, Frank goes on to describe the importance of being agile and adaptive to the shifting needs of clients.  He also strives to empower all employees to reach their full potential.


Read the full interview here:

See Frank in the Group 1 video starting at 2:19 here:


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Notable Achievements of 2016

Jan 19, 2017 3:46:53 PM / by Jeannette Bezinque posted in Feng Li, laboratory

In 2016, Alliance Pharma had many notable achievements. One of the reasons that we continue to see growth year after year is the strong leadership of Dr. Feng (Frank) Li. For a second year in a row, Alliance Pharma was recognized with SmartCEO Future 50 award as Philadelphia region’s fastest growing mid-sized companies for 2017. From an increase in laboratory space and personnel to a host of new instruments, Alliance Pharma’s expansion facilitates an agile and adaptive environment to meet the specialty research needs of our clients—some of the world's best pharmaceutical companies.

By opening the laboratory animal facility in April 2016, Alliance began to offer in-life dosing studies and created three vivarium technician jobs. We also added critical research space for light-sensitive compounds. Nearby, a new temperature and humidity control unit upgraded our archive room storage capabilities. A few months ago, a crane arrived to deliver an AC unit for the new large-molecule mass spectrometry laboratory. In addition to space enhancements, we also added several new pieces of equipment.

Brand New Equipment Purchased in 2016

  • Thermo Scientific Q Exactive Plus High-Resolution Mass Spectrometer
  • Another Hamilton Robotics Automated Liquid Handling System
  • Another Meso Sector Imager S600 Microplate Reader  
  • Three additional High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) systems
  • Five additional laboratory freezers
  • Beckman Coulter AU480 Chemistry Analyzer


System Formalization

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement in service, we updated our quality manual and disaster recovery plan. 

A new software system was implemented to facilitate project management for each department. We also implemented a secure, digital sample management system to easily track data about storage and shipments. Laboratory operations has made improvements in the instrument inventory system, chemical and solvent inventory system, reagent inventory system, and HPLC column tracking system. Also, we have partnered with excellent providers to streamline our accounting and human resources systems.

Finally, a Training Coordinator was appointed to improve our on-boarding process for new employees and to identify areas for staff training and development. Since our company grew by over 50%, this was a much-needed organizational structure.

New Hire Spotlights

Our workforce grew to a total employee count of 63 in 2016. You can check out some of our staff announcements on our LinkedIn page. Our leadership team additions this year include Dr. Weiqing Chen, Dr. Wei Lu, and Dr. Colin Barry.


2016 notable achievements update.png


Notable Achievements in Social Media

On December 29th, we relaunched our site with Hubspot to deliver innovative and helpful content about the pharmaceutical research industry.

We gained our 100th Twitter follower on December 15. Thank you @ArcturusRX!

Eight team members worked together to create our first social media video, the #mannequinchallenge.

Over 1000 people saw our October 19 LinkedIn update.

Follow us on LinkedIn

Check us out on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or on our blog to read more about this year’s highlights. 


Future Direction

Our promise for 2017 is to continue to strengthen our specialties. We will continue to emphasize quality, compliance, and skill training. It is important for us to continue to improve our operational efficiency.  We plan to achieve new levels of productivity by further standardizing and harmonizing processes, and automating procedures, wherever possible. As always, we seek to deliver the highest quality data and in the most timely expectations. 


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