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Conference for Pharmaceutical Scientists AAPS2016

Dec 7, 2016 4:47:00 AM / by adminweb_1

On November 13, our team of top scientists traveled to Denver, Colorado for the 2016 AAPS Annual Conference for pharmaceutical scientists. The conference was kicked off with a keynote address from Daniel Fletcher, PhD who discussed novel technology, new delivery modalities, accelerated drug development, and precision medicine. Our booth, which was serendipitously situated next to the Rest and Relaxation Lounge, welcomed a host of pharmaceutical professionals, academic leaders, and job-seekers. Visitors received an Alliance Pharma lunchbox or a handy letter opener.

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Many connections were made at the various networking events like the Welcome-Reception, the American Chinese Pharmaceutical Association Meeting, and the 80’s Party hosted by Core RX and Mutchler Inc. Presenters and attendees at the conference included Teva, BASF, Agilent, Triangle Research Labs, Science Exchange, MedPace, and Pfizer, to name a few. Many members of the FDA were also onsite.

Researchers seeking a CRO (contract research organization) find value in the conference because they can make a trusted in-person connection and quickly discern the qualities of a specific CRO. For example, the ideal CRO offers quick-turn around, high-quality data, and competitive pricing. The conference was also an opportunity to share updates on our company. This year, Alliance Pharma had added a Vivarium for animal research studies and a new lab for Large Molecule Bioanalysis.

Tweets from #AAPS2016

Dr. Meng Feng presented a poster on microsampling titled Mouse Pharmacokinetic Study of Ceftriaxone Using MitraTM Microsampling Devices. (View the full details here.) In his work with a group of Alliance colleagues, Dr. Feng concluded that MitraTM microsampling devices provide a methodology that can be used for serial blood sampling in drug discovery mouse studies, and which could reduce costs, improve animal welfare, and save precious test articles.

Dr. Yong Lin presented a poster on Adaptation and Validation of a Multiplex Assay Kit for the Quantitative Analysis of Aβ38, Aβ40, and Aβ42 Peptides in Cynomolgus Monkey Plasma at AAPS. (View the original poster here.)

2017 Conference for Pharmaceutical Scientists

If you are seeking another conference for pharmaceutical scientists, consider joining us in 2017 at one of our upcoming events. View the full conference schedule here.

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