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Bioanalytical Jobs for New Graduates

Feb 24, 2017 11:56:06 AM / by Jeannette Bezinque

As we approach graduation season, many college seniors are beginning their bioanalytical job search on campus, online, and by networking. Entry-level jobs offered at Alliance Pharma are suitable for students with a Bachelor's or higher in the sciences such as Chemistry, Biochemistry, or Biology. New scientists thrive in this environment, where they have direct access to Ph.D. level mentors in their day-to-day lab operations. Our company also has several career paths with two stages for Analysts and two stages for Scientists and opportunities for advancement. 

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Reasons to apply for bioanalytical jobs at Alliance Pharma:

  • Rapid Growth - Dr. Feng Li, President, is a two-time winner of the Smart CEO Future50 award
  • Career Support - Working in a small pharmaceutical company setting gives novice researchers access to more complex and challenging assignments.
  • Mentorship - Alliance Pharma prides itself on the ability to hire young talent and nurture them through the initial stages of lab work. 


In the video below, Kale Drost (Ursinus '15) and Anna Fiorella (Ursinus '16) share their post-college career experience. They offer anecdotes of working in the bioanalytical laboratory and demonstrate a few scientific study processes. Be sure to listen as to what you can expect in the real world in the words of two Alliance Pharma employees. 

“Enjoy the time you have left in school because you will miss it.” -Anna


Here are 5 tips to make a GREAT Impression with your job resume

  1. Check for typos or misspellings.
  2. Include any relevant volunteer work and honors.
  3. Use the keywords scientific researchers seek in new hires- LC-MS/MS, mass spectrometry, sample extraction, instrument maintenance, etc.
  4. Don't over-exaggerate your lab experience.
  5. Keep it to one page, especially if you are an entry-level candidate with a Bachelor's degree.


Get to know Alliance by following our LinkedIn page for career postings and frequent updates. We also post job openings directly on our site. 

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Jeannette Bezinque

Written by Jeannette Bezinque